Well, as you can see, I was not up to posting at all thru the last months of treatment and for that, I apologize. My intention of this treatment journal was to help others see what going thru immunotherapy is like. It’s not fun but it’s manageable. It just made me so tired, especially where I was still working full-time and trying to keep my family going.

Treatment is over and now I’m waiting for things to return to normal which after careful consideration may never happen. My hair is slowly thickening up, my skin is looking better and my muscles don’t hurt with every move. That’s all good!

My immune system seems to be taking a bit longer. I catch just about every darn thing going around and have had some really weird things happen too! Like this:

You just have to laugh, I guess.

My first post-treatment 3 month check-up is next Thursday, the 22nd. Hopefully all the numbers will come back great and we’ll be that much closer to that beloved 5 year survivor mark!


Keep on Trucking!

Well, my WBC is still low but out of the Danger Zone.  It’s about time!  My hair loss has slowed considerably, thank goodness.  Besides feeling a little fatigued, I am doing pretty good.  We are ending month 7 of treatment and I am very much looking forward to January!  My oncologist says I could “hit the wall” at any time but I’m staying positive that I will be able to finish out treatment.  Fingers crossed.  As for now, I am just waiting for my 6 month PET Scan to be scheduled and doing what needs to be done.

Feel like crap!

Boy, I really hate being on a treatment hold but the first shot back is even more horrible! It’s a beautiful day and I’m gonna end up spending it on the couch in misery. Fever, muscle aches, headache, chills, shakes…oh, such fun!

Hair loss stinks!

This morning I spent 10 mins in the shower watching huge clumps of hair going down the drain. Once I arrived at work, I spent another 15 minutes getting all the stray strands that didn’t wash out. It was so disheartening! I called my hairdresser to chop it off, thinking that might make it less traumatic but she has a wedding to go to and can’t cut it this weekend. Looks like 1 more week of watching huge long clumps of hair fall out of my head!

The good news is that my counts have come back up from 1.8 to 4 so I can start my injections again tonight!


Well, it appears my white blood cells are freaking lazy and won’t come up so now I’m on yet another f’ing hold! So mad! If they don’t come up or keep plummeting on treatment then they will recommend stopping. I don’t want to stop! Not that I enjoy the awful effects of Interferon but it’s my way of feeling like I am actually doing something to save my own life. How can they tale that away from me?? The thought of watch and wait does not appeal to me at all. What happens if we watch and wait and then find that I now have melanoma on my brain, lungs or liver?? Then it really is a death sentence! Freaking cancer! You SUCK!!

Mystery Lump

Well, I finally decided to call about the small lump I found in my armpit.  I am hoping that it’s just a lymph node that can’t flush itself.  It’s bad enough that I am waiting to see if my counts will come back up but now I have to worry about this.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another.  I have also been having quite a bit of discomfort in my shoulder where my surgery was.  At first I thought it had to be due to the lousy, damp weather we’re having but it hasn’t gotten better.

I have an appointment tomorrow at 11:30a for someone to look at my lump and if need be, I will be sent for a Fine Needle Aspiration to make sure it’s not melanoma.

Fun, fun!


Last night, I discovered that my hair has thinned so much on the top that the mole that has always been hidden under tons of thick hair, is now showing! I am so upset! Guess I need to start learning how to tie a head scarf. This sucks!!